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Figure, Bikini, Physique & Bodybuilding Competitors

Thinking of competing?  Contact Kris for a FREE assessment!  Find out how long you should plan your personal prep 

Kris Shanahan has a room full of trophies in her house.

​Here's why this was never supposed to happen:

  • She is not genetically gifted with a winning physique

  • She's too small

  • She's too fat

  • She has kids

  • She has cancer

  • She won't use performance enhancing drugs

  • She's too old 

The reason Kris has a room full of trophies in her house is because she has

learned what she has to do to give her the best chances of

winning every physique and bodybuilding competition that she enters. 

Despite her so-called "limitations" &  those"life changing events". 

She wants to help you win trophies too. 


Who Kris Works With:

  • Women's Bikini, Figure, Physique & Bodybuilding Competitors

  • Men's Bodybuilding, Physique & Classic Physique Competitors

  • Fitness models 

  • Photo shoot prep


Get Stage Ready! Here's what's included:

  • Complete weight training program overhaul

  • Complete diet/ meal plans

  • Cardio program

  • Weekly check in and progress photos to assess fluctuations in body weight, appearance, strength, energy, mood, etc

  • Ongoing fine tuning of your meal plan & training protocols in relation to your progress

  • Text/Phone/email support to address any particular questions or concerns

  • Guidance regarding hair removal, tanning application, posing suit purchase and posing

  • Motivation and tips to keep you motivated through your journey

How much time should you dedicate to your competition prep?

This really depends on the level of your present conditioning & appearance.  Kris finds that she looks best with 20 weeks of disciplined dieting and training- longer or shorter prep have noticeably negative effects on her appearance.  If your curious as to how much time you would need, contact Kris and she will give you a FREE assessment!  Maybe you need a few more months before you hire Kris to help you get stage ready... she'll be able to tell you.

Kris' contest prep services can be paid for one month at a time, and can be cancelled* any time 

Apply Now:

Kris' contest preparation services are open via application only.  She will only take on highly dedicated, serious clients who are willing to give 100% effort in preparation for their upcoming event.  If you feel you can commit to this level of dedication, feel free to contact Kris below.  

Please Note, Kris is NATTY!:

Kris is and always will be a completely NATURAL competitor.  She also trains her contest prep clients using healthy effective methods, and no drugs.  It's your own prerogative should you choose to inject substances that are banned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), but Kris will not be able to provide guidance or advice regarding the use of these substances.

*Minimum one (1) month commitment. No ongoing contracts. Cancel anytime.

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